Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Help Support FHF

For the past years, VASF has partnered with Friends of Hue to create a fellowship program that sponsors university students and young professionals to go and work with under-served communities in Hue, Vietnam. The great work that our fellows do is just a portion of FHF's overall mission.

FHF is committed to providing award-winning programs to the most underserved and under-resourced community in Vietnam. FHF provides education and empowerment to disadvantaged youths; mobilize schools and communities around public health initiatives to build healthy communities; enable businesses with pay-it-forward equipment capital loans and engage them in rebuilding communities through philanthropic services.

To date, FHF's integrated and holistic development services have impacted over 79,000 lives in the provision of sheltering and education to orphans/victims of social unrests, health services to people in rural areas, scholarships to disadvantaged students, health education/prevention to students in impoverished schools, job training and placement, and loans to struggling businesses.

Please join VASF in supporting FHF's mission by visiting their iFoundation page:

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