Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Charitable Giving Ceremonies

Summer break has ended and a new school year has begun in Hue city, Vietnam. All across the city, many students are equipped with clean, crisp uniforms and new notebooks that traditionally mark the start of a fresh school year. However, there are many students in Hue and the neighboring rural areas that do without these items. Such students, usually do not have the luxury of fresh uniforms every year, often wearing the same set of uniforms for a number of years, or wearing hand-me-downs from older siblings or donated uniforms of village/community members. Other students re-use school books, by erasing the existing text in the notebooks that they used the year before or those donated by community members, and then writing fresh text on top of the erased content.

Thriive Businessses are businesses that are the recipients of the ThriiveCapital Loan, which they repay by donating goods that they produce to Hue community members in need. This week, we held a number of Charitable Giving Ceremonies during which Thriive Businesses repaid their loan through donating new school uniforms and notebooks to students from disadvantaged backgrounds. We held Thriive Charitable Ceremonies at each of the schools and children shelters that were selected as Recipients of the donated goods. This week we will hold four Charitable Giving Ceremonies to schools/shelters, and donating a total of: 419 sets of uniforms, 4550 notebooks, 4 dinning tables, 1 First Aid cabinet, 2 filing cabinets, 4 book shelves, 6 large study tables, 4 sets of individual study tables and 2 chairs, 4 sets of individual round tables and 5 chairs.

The students at the ceremonies were really so cute (they loved the fact that we had cameras on hand and had no hesitation to pose for some adorable shots) and had huge smiles on their faces when they received their new supply of goodies! The Thriive Businesses and parents in attendance of the ceremonies were also very pleased. It is very rewarding to see the culmination of all our work and to see the concerted charitable giving of Hue businesses supporting Hue community members.

Here are some pictures!

Traci & Rachael

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